Virtual Assistant PhotoLaura Meehan - Virtual Assistant


I am a London based Virtual Assistant who provides secretarial, administrative, research and design services to businesses and individuals.

I provide a flexible, efficient and cost-effective support service, without the additional expense of training, hiring a temp or the overheads of employing someone. You receive assistance as and when you need it, either with ad hoc projects or on a regular long-term basis.

I can help take the workload off your shoulders if you are:

  • Overloaded with work
  • Unable to justify employing a/or another member of staff
  • A self-employed businessperson without commercial premises or an individual who works remotely
  • Wanting to spend more time on core business activities and less time handling administrative tasks
  • A company needing to utilise resources or specialist skills that you don't have in-house

Using today's technology I work 'virtually' away from your office/base, but that doesn't mean I'm an anonymous person in cyberspace. I'm a real and accountable professional and the advantage of building a relationship with a Virtual Assistant is continuity and efficient support that adapts to your needs.

I called my virtual assistance service Urban Ally because I specialise in assisting businesses based in and around London. I work remotely, but my clients benefit by being able to send and receive urgent work the same day by biked courier or cab, see me face-to-face for meetings and drop work and materials off to me. As a Virtual Assistant I form a strategic alliance with you. I'm your ally; there when you need me, helping to support the running of your business and contributing to its success.